by Helioth

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released May 5, 2012

Kevin Netz: Keyboards/Synthesizers/Vocals

Sam Beard: Electric and Acoustic Guitars/Vocals

Jake Furgason: Electric and Acoustic Guitars/EBow/Vocals

Simon Monroe: Bass

Nick Chancellor: Drums

Music Written by: Kevin Netz (All) and Simon Monroe (Track 4)

Music Mixed and Mastered by: Sam Beard and Jake Furgason

Artwork by: Simon Monroe

Recording Equipment provided by: CEC



all rights reserved


Helioth Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Metaiya
Never felt so alive
The beating of your tiny heart
Are you used to the light
Not caused by the nearby stars
Getting used to seeing things
Grow familiar with the smiles
From the faces hovering
Through the lenses of your eyes
Never think of it now
Why would I bother to?
Let my spirit sleep away
I’ll call for it again
Carelessly unaware
Of the future tense and things that don’t make sense
In due time
I’ll follow the sky
I’ve grown accustom to my daily life
What I eat and how I get to sleep at night
Saving up for the day I’m big enough
To believe in virtues like patience and love
What has caused this homicidal rage?
All I want is retribution
Letting go of everything I could believe
When I see the world reacting indifferently
Do you think you can wait just a little bit more?
Inhaling exhaling
Do you think you can wait just a little bit more?
Inhaling exhaling
Track Name: The Island
through my veins
feel the rhythm that contains my life’s story
to relate
but our feelings aren’t the same
nor our memories
sacred melodies
I'll stay sane
as long as you'll remain
here to stay
Why even fight
when neither of us are right
marooned on our island
running in place
doesn't look like I'll win this race
in time
last in line
Loss of faith
for the cost is much too great for me to wait
why even try when neither of us are right
marooned on our island
Shiver through my body through my soul
Rapid movements losing self control.
"us and them" is just another broken view
why are we so cruel
to every human being
stranded on a cosmic sea
all of us
Light and sound refract throughout the air
shrugged off by the world without a care
Reflecting on the questions asked of since your birth
what is my worth?
why am I even here?
just another fear of living on planet earth
sleep my child
Track Name: The Eyes that Never Leave
Awake to a new day
But don’t forget the dark
Creeping slowly
No more
Confused by the routine
It always feels the same
The turning of the hourglass
It’s so unnerving
Feeling small and having no control
But when it’s time
It’s time to go
Conceal the beauty
Unpleasing to your eyes
Under the fabric of your mind
Laying dormant
Almost not to be
I let myself go to the trees
It’s still unnerving
Lying through my teeth to all these crowds
It doesn’t matter
In my dreams
In my thoughts
Goals emerge
Fear of loss
Ahead of me
Escape the flesh
What’s got you all stressed out
Bleeding through you head unto the ground
Your elusive perceptions
You won’t be needing them when you have gone
You priorities in half
We are
I am
Track Name: I Want to Ease Your Suffering Pt. 2
Feel the darkness cross the sky.
What does it mean?
Hush my darling, don't you cry,
I want to ease your suffering.